• B.B. Cronin, the author and illustrator of “The Lost Cousins,” in his work space in Brooklyn, N.Y.


    “When I am working I could be anywhere, really. I become totally unaware of my surroundings — totally. I am only aware of the surface I’m working on, my paints, brushes and water. I spend a lot of time mixing paint and this is a pleasure that can never be replaced by any computer. Mixing paint with water and developing colors is a joy. I discover shades of colors by accident. It’s a messy process and the splashing of paint that happens in the process of working ruins a lot of my clothes. When I look at the floor, my desk or my clothes, I can see my month’s work.


    My father developed dementia in the last year of his life and I guess somewhere in my mind ‘Lost’ became a bigger word for me. I wanted to show in the series how looking and remembering is so important. At some stage, all we really have are memories of things lost.”


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