• Sven Völker
  •  Sven Volker, the author and illustrator of “A Million Dots,” in his studio in Potsdam, Germany.

    “After 20 years of living and working in the middle of Berlin, my little family and I have moved into a magic old house. It is located between the historic Berlin film studios and the endless lakes of Potsdam. You can hardly imagine a more peaceful, historic, and beautiful place. The wall behind my desk in my studio on the first floor is full of all kinds of pieces that I love. There is a rare old John Lennon and Yoko Ono ‘War is Over’ poster, a drawing of the late Tibor Kalman by the wonderful Maira Kalman, a picture of Steve McQueen in a frame that actually once hung in his own Santa Paula ranch, some old Suzuki Motorcycle patches, etc. It is not a big place, much smaller than my old studio, but I love it.


    I was never good at math, but I have to admit that the key to so many things in life lies in understanding its hidden code, its inner logic. I think, rather than a book about math, this is a book about symmetry, about size and about limitlessness.” 


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